Terms and conditions

1. Each candidate should read and understand all the terms and conditions of the course and seek clarifications and explanations from us before the registration process.
2. The registration for the course is considered valid only if the candidate

¨       Successfully completes the payment process via the payment gateway in www.dronaayurveda.com

¨       Registers for the course via www.dronaayurveda.com by uploading the payment slip and candidate photo after accepting our Terms and Conditions.

3. The registration will be considered invalid if

¨       The payment is not successful

¨       The payment slip is not uploaded/ not clear

¨       Candidate photo is not uploaded/ not clear

4. Payment should be made only through the payment gateway in www.dronaayurveda.com or directly to the official bank account of Drona institute given in our website. Any payment made to other personal bank accounts will be considered invalid.

5. All registered candidates will be given a user id and password, using which they can access their profile through the Students login in our website.

6. The candidate can attend an active exam only once. So it is the responsibility of the candidate to keep their login details confidential.

7. The duration of the course will be either up to the date of the main exam for which the course is intended or up to the duration mentioned at the beginning of the course. The candidate will not be granted access to their profile after the termination of the course.

8. The medium of the course including the study materials and question papers will be in English for all courses except for Online AIAPGET Hindi batch in which the course materials will be in English/Hindi.

9. The course comprises of online exams and online study materials including notes and study tips.

10. The notes will be uploaded as per the course schedule and can be downloaded from the profile by the candidate throughout the course duration.

11. Codes and study tips of selected areas will be given as photos and short videos which cannot be downloaded but can be viewed in the candidate’s profile till the course ends.

12. The course will cover all the relevant subjects in accordance with the course applied by the candidate.

13. The online examinations will be active for a period of 24 hours on exam days as per the timetable in candidate’s profile.

14. The registered candidates are instructed to attend and complete the online exams within the stipulated time.

15. The institution shall not be held responsible if the candidate has not attended the exam within the stipulated time period. Any request for exam time extension, retest or access to question paper shall not be entertained after the stipulated exam time. If unable to attend the exam due to unavoidable circumstances, the candidate is advised to login and attend at least one question within the stipulated exam time, to get the complete answer key once the result is published.

16. The registered candidates should make all the technical arrangements by themselves to attend the online examinations. The candidates can attend the exams using mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop with good internet connectivity.

17. The institution not be held responsible if there is a system error or power failure or network issue at the time of the examination.

18. Any error at our end during the exam shall be addressed after the scrutiny of our technical head.

19. The candidate can view the answer key an hour after the exam ends and the result is published. This answer key will be in the candidate’s profile till the course ends.

20. In courses with live classes, the candidates are instructed to attend the live classes at the stipulated time. Repeat classes or recording of the same will not be provided.

21. The number of questions for each exam varies according to the importance of the subject for the corresponding exam.

22. Any subject related doubts/queries can be mailed to dronaayurveda@gmail.com and will be clarified by our expert faculties within a few days.

23. The institution will take necessary action against the candidate, if any foul play is noted during the course or exam time.

24. For any assistance regarding the online test, the registered candidate can contact 9447295622 or mail to dronaayurveda@gmail.com

25. The study materials including photos, videos etc. of Drona Institute of Ayurvedic Studies are copyrighted. Any sort of reproduction and circulation of the same shall be punishable as per copyright policies of Government of India.

26. Drona Institute of Ayurvedic Studies shall not be held liable for late or non-delivery of any material or information sent through e-mail or regular mail. The candidates should make sure that they give us the correct mail id and check for our mails in all the sections of their mail including primary, promotion, social or spam sections. We shall not be held responsible for any sort of technical errors in receiving the materials.

27. Each candidate has to inform us if there is a change in their address, contact number or mail id.

28. The course time, examinations, schedule etc. are subjective to changes. All the changes or modifications regarding the course will be displayed in the website(www.dronaayurveda.com). The registered candidates are instructed to visit the website on regular basis.

29. The candidates’ use of any information or material on this website is entirely at their own risk, for which the institution shall not be held responsible. It shall be the candidates own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information provided in this website meet their specific requirements. The institution is not offering any sort of guarantee regarding the accuracy of the questions or study materials.

30. No refund of the course fee will be made by Drona Institute of Ayurvedic Studies under any circumstance once the payment and registration is completed.

31. A onetime shift between our onLine and offline courses is allowed after seeking consent from the authorities. But the timetable followed in both the courses may be different. Any additional difference in fee should be paid by the candidate as instructed by the authorities

32. Drona Institute of Ayurvedic Studies will have the right to use the candidates details including photographs, for promotion purposes in academic excellence after successful completion of course.

33. All pages, data and graphics presented on this website are the property of Drona Institute of Ayurvedic Studies. The pages must not be redistributed or reproduced in any way, shape or form without the written permission of Drona Institute of Ayurvedic Studies.

34. All disputes are subjected to the jurisdiction of Thrissur court only.